This Campaign opens in the unforgiving tundras of the North. Here People survive by traveling together amongst Nomadic tribes. The only towns to be found are most likley found along the coast of this endless plane.

General Area Info:

The Savage frontier Capital: None Population: 564,480 Human 55%, Orc 20%, Dwarf 5%, Half-Elf 5%, Elf 4%, Halfling 4%, Half Orc 4%, Gnomes 2% Government: Free Cities, Tribe, Clans Regions: Nearly All Imports: Books, Magic Items, Manufactured Items, Miners, Pottery, Spices Exports: Furs, Gems, Mercenaries, Leather Goods, Precious Metals, Timber

The Savage Frontier includes all of the territories North of the Delimbiyr that are not part of The High Forest, The Silver Marches, The Sword Coast, or Waterdeep. Compared to most of the Lands of the Well Cleared South The Savage Frontier consists of Rugged mountains or Virgin Forests. Non-Humans still hold sway here, and vast regions are virtually untraveled by man. The Elves and Dwarves still make their presence felt here-in Songs, in attitudes, in Names, and in Deeds. Many of the Elves and Half-elves remained here instead of retreating to Evermeet, and the Dwarves are trying to reclaim their ancient Kingdoms. And the Orcs? As the people of the North say “The Orcs are always with us.” Centuries of assaults from the spine of the world do not appear likely to end any time soon.

Life and Society

The savage Frontier is Home to Ruff and Tumble Free Cities, Armed Mining Camps, Trading Outposts, Fiercely independent free steads, and Traveling Barbarian Tribes. This is a wilderness that is only lightly touched by Human Settlement, home to blood thirsty marauders, and terrible beasts that can descend on an encampment with no warning what so-ever. All able-bodied men go armed here even insight of their stockades or within their city walls. The Folk of the Frontier are serious alert and self reliant. Most owe Fealty to no lord and prize their hard lifestyle. The lands of the north Temper folk to steel. The comforts, vanities and Decadence of the southern cities have no place in this cold, hard, realm. While some settlers come to these harsh lands in search of territory to call their own, most are drawn by the great wealth of the frontier- valuable furs, vast forests and rich ores in the snowy mountains. Ore and timber flow down the vast rivers of this land to cities on the sword coast, or over the Black Road of the Zhents, and across Anauroch to the Moonsea and the Dales.

Major Geographical Features

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Frost Fell: The Relentless Tundra